Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently studying, am I able to enter?

If you have not yet graduated as an interior designer, decorator or architect, unfortunately you are not eligible to enter Evolve at this time.

However, if you have graduated as an interior designer, decorator or architect but are continuing with further studies (ie. Advanced Diploma, Masters etc) you are able to enter.

I am an industrial designer / artist, am I eligible to enter?

Unfortunately industrial designers, artists, textile designers or graphic designers are not eligible to enter at this stage.

Am I required to have attended the workshop in order to enter?

No, our workshops are held as a handy tool for those wishing to learn more about the rug design and production process but attendance is not a requirement of entry. If you missed our workshops, you are still welcome to contact us with any questions you might have about your entry or rug design in general -

How do I know what colours to include in my artwork? Do you have swatches to select from?

Feel free to select any colour you like for your rug artwork! Our designers will go through more detailed colour tuft selection when finalists have been selected. If you have specific colours in mind, you are welcome to specify Pantone colours in your colour key.

Are there any fees to enter?

Evolve is free to enter!

Help! What pile heights do i use / how do i show bamboo / where do i add carving?

Don’t worry too much about the details! For our first round of judging, our judges will be looking primarily at the design itself rather than finishes - these details will come later for our finalists round, and our design team will be there to assist in making these choices.

Can my firm / collective submit an entry together?

We only accept entries from individuals - collectives or design partnerships are not eligible. Prizes are awarded as a whole, and cannot be divided into sections.